What Is Your Brand's Strategy?

An alarming number of brands faced with a counterfeiting problem in Canada lack a coherent strategy to intelligently and cost-effectively tackle the issue. The founders and investigators at Hallmark Investigation Services Inc. are the most experienced anti-counterfeiting investigators operating in Canada today.

Intellectual Property Owners who do not keep pace with the advances made by counterfeiters risk the possibility of their brand becoming a more attractive target to be counterfeited.

Every brand is different. Every brand faces different challenges. Only the investigators at Hallmark have the experience and knowledge required to expertly guide Intellectual Property Owners toward a uniquely tailored brand protection strategy that addresses their current needs and budget.

We understand the complexity of anti-counterfeiting investigations and enforcement better than any other firm in Canada.

Contact Hallmark today for a free consultation and evaluation of your brand's strategy.

We speak from experience.